With Insurance being a highly regulated industry we want to provide clear guidelines on how we believe our membership can best be used to help grow your business and also what to avoid while using our certificates. 

1. Our certificates are NEVER to be used as an inducement to buy any product or service; this is a clear industry violation and may result in the loss of your license. 

2. We believe that the best use of our product is as an offer of a certificate in exchange for an insurance review appointment or for the opportunity to quote a prospects insurance regardless of their lines of coverage. In addition we believe it makes an incredible client retention tool. We suggest you send a certificate out every year on the anniversary month they came into your agency. 

3. Be sure when running any contest that this product is offered as a drawing prize or an everyone that enters wins prize, again NOT for writing a policy with you. 

4. We are not offering a legal opinion but rather some simple guidelines we believe with comply with most state statues.