If you have paid the $50 activation fee, you will receive a confirmation email with a certificate ID number.  Please keep this email in case you are not ready to book your 2 night hotel stay. 

When you are ready to book, you will be required to pay the deposit and taxes of $25/night which totals $150 USD upfront.  This deposit is in place to prevent no shows of reservations and is refundable after you have taken your stay.  

Hotel properties and inventory will not be available to preview due to the limited amount of promotional inventory available, however, you can expect that hotels will be similar to that of Best Western, Fairfield Inn and Holiday Inn.

Travel days are limited to Sunday, Monday and Tuesday under the terms of this travel certificate, however, if other dates are requested, additional charges may be applied to the reservation to accommodate the request.

A travel specialist will be assigned to you and you will work directly with them to plan your getaway.  If you need to reach Customer Service for general inquiries, please call 1-866-747-4778.